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Nov-Dec, 2009

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‘I think you have given me an extension of life. I was supposed to die years ago! I do it every day and am particularly inspired by your last line, “BE REALISTIC EXPECT A MIRACLE!” 2013-09-27

“I feel I know you through watching your video for years. I shared it with many of my students. You are inspiring and a great guide.” — 2014-02-10

“Your video is exquisitely done; I just found my purpose in life. I feel like I have come home.” — Jane S.

“The second part is GREAT. I Had no idea the wealth of instruction left to see. It was all deeper explanations on moves and in how/why/what/etc. Absolutely intoxicating!!!” — Christine, 2014-09-17

Am really too excited to keep writing about it, I had to turn it off before the end to calm down. What more can I say?

It was such an honor to get a personal reply from you. I have treasured your DVDs for years. Thanks for blessing our path with your teachings.” — Sharon Sutter, Apr 27, 2012

“I practice your 4 set almost everyday. Your format is a lot easier to use than others on the market.” — Robert, 2013-12-14

“...The in-depth warm-ups, acupressure, and Tai Chi program Mr. Johnson has created have greatly helped my condition.”

“This is a well run site, I am very pleased with the exceptional service this site provides. I talked to the owner and he was very helpful and I received a lot of knowledge about this video and possible other purchases. He also explained how to become certified to instruct this program.”

Shopping.com Review - (5 star overall rating)

“Tai Chi for Seniors was one of the best Internet purchasing experiences I've ever had - and I purchase a number of products online.

I found out about Tai Chi for Seniors because I've had four major back surgeries - which if I knew now what I knew then, as many of us say, I wouldn't have opted for the surgeries. I wish I knew about Tai Chi for Seniors earlier. Like five, six years ago.

I'm not officially a "senior." I'm in my early 50's, but the in-depth warm-ups, acupressure, and Tai Chi program have greatly helped my condition.

...If there was a rating system on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give this company, product, service and useability a solid 9. 10's to me are perfection and something to strive for but unattainable...so I am very pleased with this product, which has made my daily life better. It's reduced my pain, increased my mobility, and kept me from spiraling ever downward...”

Shopping.com Review

“Many [of my students] report having better balance, more leg strength, and just feeling better and having more energy after our morning workout.

“My students love ‘Tai Chi for Seniors’.  And many report having better balance, more leg strength, and just feeling better and having more energy after our morning workout.  I recommend it for anyone interested in learning Tai Chi.”
David Rosenberg,
Tai Chi Instructor


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Nov-Dec, 2009

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Welcome to the Tai Chi for Seniors Newsletter: Nov - Dec - 2009

Our Tai Chi for Health E-Mail Newsletter keeps students of Mark Johnson and Tai Chi for Health & Tai Chi for Seniors informed of the latest research and information on the many benefits of practicing Tai Chi and Qigong. Subscribers are also the first to learn of workshops, events and special travel opportunities sponsored by Tai Chi for Health Institute.
 Hi again, Tai Chi fans and those wanting to know more about how Tai Chi and Chinese healing methods can effect various aspects of your health.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Since we are now in the Fall season, here are a few good tips on how to best harmonize with the energies of Autumn and prepare for the coming Winter.

Autumn is the season when the dark cycle begins. The days are getting shorter. It is the time of transition between summer’s activities and winter’s stillness. It is the time of harvest and to reap what one has sown during Spring and Summer. It is also the time to focus within, set things in order and prepare for the winter to come.
China Trip
Autumn is also considered the time of ”Metal” energy or the energy of constriction and reformation. Do your Tai Chi facing the West. Do the warmups that emphasize staying loose and stretching, as they help compensate for the tendency to constrict.

After completing projects started in the Spring and Summer, it is time for putting your affairs in order and for more self reflection and home-oriented activities. Try slowing down your Tai Chi until Winter sets in to be more in harmony with the season. Then you should speed it up to keep warm!

Autumn brings inspirational ideas, group activities and an increasing awareness of inner processes. It is the overall time to prepare for the long, quiet Winter ahead.

If you do the above, I guarantee you you will strengthen your immune system for the coming winter and you will have fewer colds and winter related illnesses. And speaking of winter, I can't think of a better way to enjoy winter than by curling up in a relaxing spot and reading my new book: "LIFE IS DIVINE PLAY." It is hilarious and profound... what better way to enjoy winter. To order, go to: www.lifeisdivineplay.com and check out all the beautiful pictures while you are there. 

Another good wintertime activity is planning for rich and fulfilling experiences in the months ahead. 2010 may be the year for a trip you have always dreamed of.  I invite you to join me and my tour-co-leader, Rebecca Kali, on our "Journey to Shangri-La" next spring, May 7 to 23.  This is a tour that we personally lead, so you have the double benefit of daily Tai Chi and Qigong and an incredible itinerary.

Our Journey to Shangri-La 2010 will visit Shangri-La – Beijing – Lijiang – Chengdu – Lhasa and Nam-Tso Lake in Tibet. Our tours are rich, fulfilling and safe, life expanding journeys that will broaden your vision of the world. Experience some of the most spiritual sites in the world at a deep and meaningful level. A friendly relaxed atmosphere and personalized care are hallmarks of our tours. 

Please visit www.QigongChinaTrip.com  to learn more about our Journey to Shangri-La. Then give us a call at  1-800-341-8895 if you are interested or want more details about traveling in China and Tibet or the day by day schedule.  Mention this Tai Chi for Health Newsletter to receive a $100 per person discount on trip registration if you register before  Dec. 31, 2009.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this beautiful season!  Till next time... 

With Love and Light,